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Our Legacy a/w 08-09 & s/s 09 presentation

Seoul, S.Korea
tue, October
14, 2008

place: Our Legacy a/w 08-09 & s/s 09 presentation, 628-15, B1 Properfit gallery(+ good ovening), Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu

by [msk] connectionism, www.mskconnectionism.com

Our Legacy is menswear label from Sweden. Our Legacy designers and co-founders are Cristopher Nying (1981-) and Jockum Hallin (1980-). “We redefines the classic men´s wardrobe in a light and comfortable manner, a well dressed contemporary look made to appear thrown together in a perfectly natural and confident way”, according to Our Legacy's website. There is Our Legacy's first presentaion at Seoul, Korea for their autumn/winter 2008 collection ‘THE SWING OF PENDULUM’ and spring/summer 2009 collection ‘A SUNDRIED YOUTH’.

yourboyhood, loves Our Legacy.

photograph by Hong Sukwoo (yourboyhood@gmail.com)


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