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Na Young kyu and LSDbikes

Seoul, S.Korea
sun, April 12, 2009
Na Young kyu 나영규 (29), LSDbikes owner

place: Super Sale presented by Musinsa.com and Binzip Project(Riskei), Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu

Na Young kyu is owner of pixed gear bike shop LSD. He is former staff of fashion retail store at Dongdaemun district, one day he is fascinate
pixed gear bike when he went to business trip to Japan. Naturally He turned and launched pixed gear shop LSD in Korea. LSD is one of the beginning store only focused pixed gear bike. Actually I don't have pixed gear bike, but I've extremely interested these part of street culture. yourboyhood, loves Na Young kyu and LSDbikes.

t-shirt _ UNIQLO
pants _ Volcom
shoes _ Clarks
cap _ FAT YO

homepage: www.lsdbikes.com


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