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Kate Moss Topshop

Seoul, S.Korea
May 31, 2009
An So hee 안소희 (18), student & singer

place: Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu

onepiece _ Kate Moss Topshop
shoes _ Suecom Mabonnie
sunglasses _ Super
bracelet _ Hermes
ring _ Anna Sui
bag _ Goyard

homepage: unknown


  1. super retro future shades? nice touch

  2. ive been looking for similar sunnies for a long time. sohee's real cute. she's starting to become your muse!

  3. i love her personal style. it suits her so much.

  4. this is pretty unflattering. Did you guys post this just to get more publicity?

  5. Ji/ hi Ji,
    when I shoot to her, I felt adorable to her so I was shoot. but I understand every person has different opinion. always I shoot to person for yourboyhood, who I've interested to. I don't shoot who is famous or publicity person. I thought you are little bit rude.

    thank you.

  6. Yay ! it's sohee again, I am in love with her style. I always appreciate all your effort on posting these shots.

  7. Love the dress on Sohee! Loving how she has her own personal style and not dressing very 'mainstream' ^^

  8. True that Ji!
    I personally enjoy the pictures from here, but I kinda went 'huh?' on this one. I mean I like the dress from Topshop in general and I thought this one was pretty cute one too but.. with that shoes and socks? hmm I dunno. but again it's a personal blog so he can post whatever he wants.

  9. I like her looks cos despite being a Korean idol band, she doesn't look identical to all the rest.


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