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camouflage stairs

Seoul, S.Korea
sun, February 11, 2007

place: Ssamziegil, Insa-dong, Jongno-gu (http://insa.ssamziegil.com/)

camouflage stairs and rose.

photograph by Hong Sukwoo (niji1002@naver.com)


  1. i just read the recent ceci, and it introduced the public art project funded by the government and volunteered by artists/students that included a really long staircase (into dal-dong-neh?) painted with daisies and flowers. lovely idea, all around.

  2. hello, yoonhwa
    the ceci is what? the magazine? I don't know that. but I have a idea of you. if you interested public art project, look at this: http://www.designersparty.com/entry/The-tail-of-dragon-Seung-Taek-Lee

    APAP a.k.a Anyang Public Art Project 2005, this is awesome and fun. the tail of dragon by Seung Taek Lee is while at work using Korea's traditional tiled roof. definetly art.


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