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Hermes Korea Missulsang Exhibition

_ Bae Young Whan
"Narrenschiff-Lunatic Song"

_ Lim Minouk
"Untitled", car body cover, cloth, silk screen,120x150x450 cm, 2006

_ Lim Minouk
"The First Impression of the Second Edition", single-channel video, 3 min 50 sec, 2006
"Untitled", latex, 230x380cm
"Untitled", refrigerator, soft urethane, 170x65x120cm, 2007
"Too Early or Too Late Atelier", inkjet printed book, 2007

_ Kim Sang-gil (http://www.sanggil.com/)
"mode_1972+1999", 180x220cm, 2006
"mode_2001", 180x220cm, 2006

Seoul, S.Korea
sat, January 20, 2007

place: Atelier·Hermes, Shinsa-dong, Kangnam-ku (http://www.hermes.com/)

Hermes Korea Missulsang Exhibition to encourage the talents of upcomming Korean artist.
finalists are Kim Sang-gil, Bae Young Whan, Lim Minouk.

photograph by Hong Sukwoo (niji1002@naver.com)


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