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oldschool glasses

Seoul, S.Korea
thu, February 15, 2007
Lee In woo (25) sleep walker director, Drifterz crew

jacket _ /Nike (inner)
t-shirt _ Obey
shirt _ vintage
pants _
hat _
glasses _ vintage
necklace _ Nike
bracelet _
shoes _ Nike

homepage: http://brokenseven.com/blog/inwoos


  1. I love what this guy is wearing and love the site! Everyone here has the most unique and distinct style. When I was in Korea, I never saw people dressed as eccentrically. I'll have to stop in Insadong more often when I'm in Seoul. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi, East-West Hybrid
    thanks for your interest in yourboyhood, I really enjoy this work.
    S.Korea and Seoul, very interesting city. Seoul is not Tokyo and New York and Paris and London, but characteristic.
    Thank you!


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