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Yohji Yamamoto

Seoul, S.Korea
fri, June 20, 2008
Lee Hyun jung (22), student

2008-2009 a/w presentation of Instantology, Laundry202, Paul&Alice and Tailorable shoes at Daily Projects Showroom, Daily Projects, Chungdam-dong, Kangnam-gu

sleeveless top _ Gap (outer)/ Benetton (inner)
pants _ Yohji Yamamoto
shoes _ Y's
necklace _ Yves saint Laurent
bracelet _ Vivienne Westwood
watch _ vintage shop at the town
bag _ Yves saint Laurent

homepage: www.cyworld.com/b0gae


  1. i love this, her hair makes the whole thing perfect. It's refreshing to actually see some innovative street style immerge in korea. The last time I visited it seemed like all the girls strived for the same look in hair/makeup/clothes etc.


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