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Cho Man ho and Musinsa.com

Seoul, S.Korea
sun, April 12, 2009
Cho Man ho 조만호 (27), Musinsa.com owner & director

place: Super Sale presented by Musinsa.com and Binzip Project(Riskei), Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu

Cho Man ho is one of founder and owner of street fashion portal website MUSINSA.COM. MUSINSA is simpler form of 'unlimited sneakers lovers' in Korean character. MUSINSA.COM was launched in 2003, they're shown first earnest web-based street culture magazine and community in Korea. These are focused on teenagers to early twenties culture and trend, it's growing up in street fashion scene of new generation. Also My first officially fashion column called 'noconcept but goodsense' at MUSINSA.COM that suggested by Cho Man ho. Currently, MUSINSA.COM is biggest street fashion community for street culture and domestic street fashion brands. yourboyhood, loves Cho Man ho and MUSINSA.COM.

pique shirt _ Musinsa x NSB collaboration
jeans _ Covernat
shoes _ Vans
hat _ SAG

homepage: www.musinsa.com


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