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Seoul, S.Korea
thu, May 27, 2010
Gueon Jungho 권중호 (25), Amazine photographer/ Ko Ji hyun a.k.a. Glasko 고지현 (26), Amazine director/ Kim Jae min a.k.a. Jamie 김재민(제이미) (25), Amazine assistant, videographer

place: Myeong-dong, Jung-gu

Amazine is unique clothing label but young & low-priced, launched at early 2010. They make unisex clothes - included graphical leggings that they own made graphic design by Ko Ji hyun who director of Amazine. If you visit Amazine's website, that's not just web shoppingmall. They make each fashion pictorials for every garments that has specific concept. I felt that is kind of youth culture, young fashion creation from Seoul, S.Korea. yourboyhood, loves Amazine and Ko Ji hyun a.k.a. Galsko.

short _ / Amazine/

homepage: unknown / www.amazine.co.kr, twitter@MakingAmazine / unknown


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