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Behind of SLWK.

Seoul, S.Korea
sun, March 21, 2010
Lee Hyun suk (28), SLWK. designer&director/ Lee In woo 이인우 (28) SLWK. designer&director

place: SLWK. showroom& atelier(under construction), 4F,112-20 Sogong-dong, Jung-gu

One day of March 2010, I visited SLWK's new showroom& atelier still under construction. SLWK.(sleepwalker's new label name) is one of my most favourite menswear label in contemporary fashion scene. They didn't learned fashion in school but they just studied via experiences many things likes art, sculpture, b-boying and old way of make garments. Especially I much like the words of their paper tag on the garments; 'This is to certify that this garment is geniune 'SLWK' hand-issued garment by the 'SLWK' duo. Yeah, They make garments by handcrafted personally. And that’s not all. SLWK. garments looks like 'continuing find to origin of modern men's garments, but always they add to delicate touch that included own technique. yourboyhood, loves SLWK.

all clothes brands _ unknown

homepage: www.slwk.org


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