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An death of Dailycodi.com

Seoul, S.Korea
thu, March 18, 2010
An death 안데스 (31), Dailycodi.com, project band BooChooLaaMaa!, art director

place: last day of the lecture [MEN'S FASHION DESIGNERS IN KOREA(한국 남성복 패션 디자이너들)] at Moonji Cultural Institute Saii 문지문화원 사이, 184-24, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu

When the latest lecture of my 5th lecture [MEN'S FASHION DESIGNERS IN KOREA(한국 남성복 패션 디자이너들)] in March 2010, An death 안데스 visited the class with students. She worked as art director at SSAMZIE what a fashion/design company in S.Korea, and creator of well known fashion website called 'Daily Codi 데일리코디(www.dailycodi.com)'. Dailycodi.com has lot of fans looks like fandom, it just not follow 'unique' or 'vintage' character. I felt that is kind of 'Anti-Fashion' movement against to Western fashion from Seoul, S.Korea. But the way of the movement is very own 'Andes' style. Anyway, if you interested her various works, visit to Dailycodi.com. yourboyhood, loves Dailycodi.com and An death.

all clothes _ vintage

homepage: www.dailycodi.com


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