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Rei Yoon Hong mi, Reike Nen

Seoul, S.Korea
thu, September 09, 2010
Rei Yoon Hong mi 윤홍미 (28), Reike Nen designer

place: LAMB, 140-81 Kye-dong, Jongno-gu

Rei Yoon Hong mi is a designer of shoes label 'Reike Nen'. Reike Nen was formed in January 2010 in Seoul, by Rei Yoon Hong mi. According to Reike Nen's website, Reike Nen aim to make shapes & lines in a new point of view; 'classical line, contemporary make' is the purpose of her shoe making. Also Reike Nen seek to 'discover' rather than to 'invent'. yourboyhood, loves Reike Nen, and Rei Yoon Hong mi.

cardigan _ codes combine
jumpsuit _ vintage, bought at London, United Kingdom
shoes _ Reike Nen
belt _ vintage, bought at London, United Kingdom

homepage: www.reikenen.com / twitter@reikenen.com


  1. I like her shoes ! I checked her shoes thanks to your facebook - this is how I find her profile and some pictures - but is it possible to order from france ?

    Wish I could come at Seoul again and shop Reike nen items..


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