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Seoul, S.Korea
mon, January 18, 2010
Kim Sun wook 김선욱
( ), yokoe & DIM LEATHER designer

place: the lecture [MEN'S FASHION DESIGNERS IN KOREA(한국 남성복 패션 디자이너들)] at Moonji Cultural Institute Saii 문지문화원 사이, 184-24, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu

Kim Sun wook is designer of
yokoe & DIM LEATHER(It's different labels; yokoe is menswear and DIM LEATHER is more foccused on handcrafted leather products). He has great sights for high qualities menswear and handcrafted leather products. I much admire his passion for creation. yourboyhood, loves Kim Sun wook and yokoe & DIM LEATHER.

coat _ yokoe

homepage: www.yokoewerk.com


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